• GPS location issue for Black Berry Application

    We have implemented GPS in our BlackBerry(BB) application to get the current location coordinates that we are using to get information like - location name, location zip code, etc.       To develop ...
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  • [ask] XML parsing

    <?XML version="1.0"?> <root><pelayanan><id_pelayanan>7</id_pelayanan><nama_pelayanan>Eagle kids Volunteer</nama_pelayanan></pelayanan><pelayanan><id_pelayanan&g...
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  • Background Image on User Interface

    I am trying to place a background image behind my application screen. So instead of the usual white there would be a "background.png". I am following this thread along with the blackberry API set    drawin...
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  • Streaming throws Interrupted IO Exception

    I am using the Streaming code given at following link Streaming media - Start to finish But When I am going to stop the Thread It shows UncaughtException thrown--------- InterruptedException..ConnectionClosed except...
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  • custom button not listening to setChangeListener

    I'm using Blackberry JDK ver 5.0.   I've implmented a Custom Button Field(Embossed Buttonfield) from here:   Implement advanced buttons, fields, and managers   But the button is not accepting any ...
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  • Problem in adding attachment pragmatically and invoking email application

    Hi I am trying to invoke email application pragmatically, adding an PDF attachment. I have used the BB knowledge base article, "How to create an attachment" as the reference. Now when I run the application, I get a...
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  • Embedded browser and CSS

    Hi,   Reading through this forum, I have seen a lot of people have had problems getting CSS working with the embedded browser.  Given that I struggled with these issues myself over the last week, I thought...
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  • Close streaming player screen quickly when back button click

    I have read the knowledgebase article "Streaming media - Start to finish" It is working fine.   When I click the open video, the player screen is open.   When I click the back button before the player is...
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  • Loading COD File

    Hi there,                    i am facing problem in loading COD file(1.09 KB)  programatically .i followed   &...
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  • Solution to touchEvent and click issue

    Hi All,   Finally I found solution to touchEvent and click issue discussed here Problem with touchEvent and click   I put my code in navigationClick function and also declared an empty touchEvent() func...
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  • Downloading email attachments

    Is there a way I can download email attachments? I have tried using ContentHandler method, but it is a mess: ContentHandler inconsistancies   I guess the next route would be AttachmentHandler. I have a question...
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  • Alternate Entry Point with WLAN Listener

    I've read quite a few threads on alternate entry points and find that I'm also just as confused and tripped up as many of the previous posters, although I'd like to think that this problem is more complex than some of...
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  • Using ImageManipulator to rotate a transparent bmp but getting white background

    Hi All,   I've read the article: Rotate and scale bitmaps I've also search this forum and googled a lot but I can't seem to find the answer to the following:   I have a bitmap image that has a tran...
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  • Integrating content into search in OS6

    Hi everyone,   Has anyone tried integrating their content into Unified Search Service?  I was checking the related document (namely this and this and also the API doc) but they seem to be incomplete. ...
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  • Incomplete restoration from background to foreground

    Hi, I am using the suggested method here Auto-Start and RuntimeStore usage for UIApplication... HELP!!   for transitionening from foreground to background to foreground. I noticed on os6 it was working fine. ...
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  • Touch Screen Capture

    Hi everyone,   I'm trying to implement a signature field and have made use of the sample code found here: Capture Signature on the BlackBerry Storm smartphone   Does anyone have any ideas on how to make...
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  • How to determine whether the device is landscape or portrait device

    Hi all,   We are doing an application targeting 9900(os 7.0) And 9800. One thing i observe is the 9900 seems like a landscape device  i.e when i set the direction as DISPLAY_PORTRAIT , we get a landscape m...
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  • Display.screenshot not work on a Storm 2....blank and 1/2 images...

    Using the sample:   Capture and save a screen shot
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  • How to make an app start up, run a task, and quit without a UI?

    This should be simple but I'm confusing myself over it.   When my app autostarts after the device reboots, it need to initialize some listeners and load some data files.   I successfully trap the alterna...
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  • BrowserField throws IllegalStateException for  back/forward/refresh actions

    Hi all,   I am working on an app that uses the BrowserField2 control to display some web page, and now I want to enable the back/forward/refresh functionalities on the browser field.   I used the native ...
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