• Build for Blackberry denied because of Credit Card payment

    Hi, I applied for Build for Blackberry and got the following response: ----------------- To qualify for the Built for BlackBerry designation, your app needs these improvements: The application allows the user to m...
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  • Payment service problem after upgrading to BB10

    Hi BlackBerry Support,   I recently upgraded an app I'm working on from BlackBerry Tablet OS to BlackBerry 10. Everything still works fine, except for the payment-system - everytime I try to send a request (wi...
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  • Payment service Cascades example for BB10

    Hello,   I'm looking for a Cascades example of Payment service implementation for BB10.   I know about  docs, but a working example would be more suitable.   Does such an example exist?
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  • NOTICE: Sandbox Payment Testing is currently unavailable

    Please be aware that there is currently an issue with the Sandbox server which handles testing of Payment Service calls while your application is being tested from a Sandbox account. As a result all purchases attempte...
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  • purchase API returning error but also charging the user

    We have an app with consumable digital goods. This app was released last year and there has been no development on it since then. Starting a few weeks back we started getting complaints from several users stating they...
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  • Re: in-app purchase error code 30242

    Hello Garett   I've described my whole problem in this thread few times and sent few mails to vendor support center.   1. License model is static 2. It was tested side-loaded, from app world (I've teste...
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  • How to implement a lite version to buy full version?

    Hi,   I have a full version game already on the market but I want to develop a lite version with the option inside of the app to buy the full version. I have create a draft entry for  lite version on the v...
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  • How does my app enumerate the digital goods associated with it?

    I am testing in-app purchases and I wish to enumerate all the digital goods that have been associated with the app, i.e. that have been set up via vendor portal account.   I want to generate this list at run...
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  • Purchasing Digital Goods from Sandboxed Draft Applications

    When I purchase a good using the native SDK, I receive the proper PURCHASE_RESPONSE event.   When I call paymentservice_event_get_metadata() I don't get the metadata I have set in the vendor portal for that ...
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  • Urgent Purchase problem : Playbook purchase stopped working after new version of app is released.

    Please consider this as very urgent help needed. Our sales has hit big time and currently there is absolutely ZERO sales due to the error.   We had first submitted our application's version 1.0 as Application ...
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  • URGENT payment service kills our app!

    I have a draft app to test in-app purchases using payment services on a Playbook with   1. After a successfull test purchase, calling getExistingPurchases will result in a error response: "The paren...
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  • Debug payment service integration

    Hi,   In my application I have integrated Blackberry Payment SDK successfully, now I need to debug if it works or not?   Thanks in advance
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  • Cant restore purchase and many a times 40232 error comes up on PROD

    Hi,   Our app just got released to another new version. We cannot restore any existing purchases. The restore service returns empty string of purchased ids so the app always says nothing to be restored. This ...
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  • Using Paypal Account

    Hi,  I am a new developer in APP World. I receive payments to my paypal account. Now my brother want to create new vendor account and he don't have paypal account. Can he use my paypal account to receive payment...
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  • Sep month payment & epaen report missing...

    Hello guys,   I am behind this problem & wasting my time on this from OCT. The issue is, epen report for SEP was not available wih digital river & ddnt get the payment for the same aswell, so contacted ...
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    Am encountering an error with this sample. It says that it was for the old build not the current is there anyone out there who managed to make it work?
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  • Payment Service Subscriptions

    Hi,    Is there any documentation on the following questions regarding using the payment service for subscriptions.   What options are available when you setup a subscription? Can subscriptions aut...
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  • In-App Purchase and Paid Application error?

    Hello,     I've ported a game for Blackberry 10, and it has a In-App purchase feature to buy ingame goods. I have tested it in local connection mode and it works, I got my ingame goods after selecting pay...
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  • Switching from Paid to Free with in-app purchases

    I have existing PlayBook app which is using a Paid model.   For number of reasons I am planning to switch to a Freemium model with in-app purchases (where users buy premium app functions as they need them). The...
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  • Download or Unlock code? Beginner question

    Hi everyone,   This is somewhat of a beginner's silly question about in-app purchases so bare with me please   Basically... Do you download content when you make a purchase or do you just unlock code? ...
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