• How do I manually alter package-id? Blackberry signing token expired, created new one and now package-id doesn't match.

    Recently needed to update an old blackberry app and the signing token used for it has now expired (still have the original .p12 and .csk files). So I went to the developer portal and created a new one and now when I u...
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  • Just trying to install SDK is driving me mad

    A few months ago, the QNX Momentics 10.2 I've downloaded was working fine until suddenly, the stimulator stopped working. I sorta gave up trying to develop my app. Recently I decided to pick it up again but I have so ...
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  • Accessing the network using the BlackBerry Torch (9800) Smartphone Simulator

    Hi all,   If anyone is experiencing pages not loading when using the Browser or connectivity issues in applications with the BlackBerry Torch (9800) smartphone simulator then please read this post for inform...
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  • Going BlackBerry DevCon Europe? Let's meet up!

    I'll be there this year and would love to put some faces to names.  Let me know if you'll be in attendance.  Most of the time you'll find me in the App Express area.  Maybe we can arrange a forum gather...
    Mark Sohm
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  • 9800 Simulator Reload/Hot Swap with Eclipse 1.1 Doesn't Work for Me

    Hi,   I've updated all the Eclipse plug-ins today to the line up below;   BlackBerry Java Plug-in    net.rim.EclipseJDE.feature.group   BlackBer...
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  • [BB10 Dev Alpha Device Driver ]  how to restore the OS

    yesterday, when my debug app running , an error has occurred, error number is 13   so, i click the security wipe button, and i cant connect the bb 10 dev alhpa.    Refer to the follow...
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  • Can someone please clarify code signing or BBIDToken.csk for me..

    Hi,   I followed the instruction posted at:   BlackBerry 10 Code Signing Guide for Contractors with Multiple Clients   and I think I did everything correctly,  when I swap one set of companie...
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  • Testing app conflicted with original app in playbook

    I have created an app using webworks for BB10, tried to test on play book, installed through  BlackBerry-Tablet-OS-Graphical-Aid, it was working, for another POC, created a new testing app using the same config.x...
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  • Can i call a function of another application.

    hi,   Can i call a function of another application.
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  • Device connected to pc, but momentics ide fails

    when i try it it gives me this   Unable to connect: Unable to connect.  Ensure USB cable or Wi-Fi is connected, IP address is correct, and development mode is enabled. Unable to connect: Unable to connect....
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  • Again "fledge_umphost.exe has encounted a problem"

    Hello everyone,   I have downloaded today the "newest" simulator for the 9900 and noticed that the browser doesn't work. Everytime I try to open a page I got an application crash "fledge_umphost.exe has e...
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  • Want More Jam Zone Rewards Points?

    As stated on the BlackBerry Developer Blog, the BlackBerry Jam Rewards program is coming to an end.  As of July 24th, no further points are being awarded.  This means that posting here in the forum will...
    Mark Sohm
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  • Developers Start here!

    Are you new to the BlackBerry Community Support Forums? Are you a developer and interested in being recognized for sharing your knowledge and expertise?   Here’s your chance!   Post a reply to this...
    Mark Sohm
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  • How to send and receive sms between two simulators?

    I launched first simulator by inputing "D:\Program Files\Eclipse\plugins\net.rim.eide.componentpack4.5.0_4.5.0.16 ents\simulator>8300.bat /sms-source-port=5000 /sms-destination-port=5001" in cmd   tnen secon...
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  • Disappearing icon

    Hi,   I have an application that was developed for me for a Bold, and some users have noticed that the icon for the app sometimes changes from the one it was deployed with to a basic looking generic "wireframe"...
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  • Unable to browse the web on simulator. Message - unable to connect to selected MDS.

    I am trying to test a web site being developed by my team for users having Tour 9630.   So I downloaded and installed the ESS & MDS as well as the Simulator for 9630 on my machine (O/S - Win ...
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  • Simulator displaying JVM Console Output on Screen

    Somehow I have enable the Blackberry simulator to show JVM console output information at the very of the simulator screen.  How do I turn this off?  Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Eclipse Galileo and Plug-in 1.1 Question

    I installed the JDE Plug-in version 1.1 upgrade today and as part of the install, it said it was required to upgrade my Eclipse installation to Galileo from Ganymede.  Once this was done, everything worked fine (...
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  • Simulating 2 email accounts

    We're running into a problem with our app on phones that have 2 email accounts (the message ID on the received email doesn't match the message).   It seems that ESS (which we used for the original testing)...
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  • How to prevent icons from deleted app from reappearing when app is reinstalled

    Hey. My app PhoneBill is being tested on my personal Bold 9000 handheld. I have deleted the app off the handset, changed the icons in my Project and redeployed it, downloaded it again and reinstalled. It is using the ...
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