What is the Trusted Authentication Framework?

The Trusted Authentication Framework (TAF) is used to integrate third party identification and authentication mechanisms into BlackBerry's mobile security system. TAF works with Good for Enterprise™ (GFE) and with BlackBerry Dynamics™.

The types of identification and authentication that are in scope of TAF include:

  • External accessories such as fobs, tokens, and card readers.
  • Internal features such as SIM card applications, secure element hardware, and accessories that can be fitted in an SD card slot.
  • Alternative means of identification and authentication, including biometrics.

See this page for the full background: http://us.blackberry.com/enterprise/trusted-authentication.html.


How does it work?

The third party's security mechanism is integrated with GFE or BlackBerry Dynamics via a mobile application, known as a TAF application. TAF applications are developed by security providers.

The following software development kit (SDK) products can be used for TAF application development:

  • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for Android.
  • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK for iOS.


Do I need to develop for the Trusted Authentication Framework?

Application developers generally don't need to develop for TAF.

You should only get involved in TAF application development if:

  • You are a security provider and want to integrate your offering with GFE and BlackBerry Dynamics for use by your customers.
  • You are an in-house BlackBerry Dynamics application developer and want to integrate with a custom security mechanism for your enterprise users.

If that describes you, the first thing to do is to request access to the TAF application developer resources. Send a message to the blackberrydynamicsregistrar@blackberry.com email address.

  • State that you are requesting access to the TAF application developer resources.
  • Give the user name that you use to log in to the application developer portal, where this FAQ is posted.

You will be given access and some instructions for getting started.