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Calendar UI improvements

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A few suggestions to make the calendar more useful on Good for iPad:


  1. The upper left-hand side monthly calendar view is useful, but simply doesn't need to be as large as it is.  2/3 to 1/2 of the present size would still permit a finger interaction zone large enough to jump to a day and give back vital screen real estate needed for other, more vital, calender display aspects.
  2. If that calendar was shrunk, the bottom of the LHS could know contain the daily view currently rendered on the RHS.  This would leave the RHS for detailed displays of meeting info. Today the lower LHS and the RHS calendar view seem to repeat much the same data.
  3. Understand the branding use of red as a colour in the app, but it really gets in the way here.  Lighter shades of another colour or simply gray would make the blocked meeting times easier to read and overlapping meeting easier to identify.
  4. Font sizes on the daily schedule should be increased a couple of points.
  5. Display attachments (and permit downloading and viewing) within a meeting request.
Device Platform: IOS
Product / Application: Good Access
Category: Improvement


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