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"Organize by thread" in Good Work

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In Good Work for Android devices, there is the option to "Organize by Thread".  This is like "Conversation View", but with a flaw.  Organize by Thread works by looking at the Subject line, and not the message-id chain so that all messages with the same subject line are grouped together, not by actual thread.


Take the following example:

- User A sends a message to User B with the subject line "Thanks"

- User B and User A begin a back and forth thread.

- User A then sends a new message to User C with the subject line "Thanks"

- User C replies to User A.

Result: The message sent from User C to User A is now in the "organized" view with the thread message A and B were having.


This does not happen in Good Work on iOS, as the "conversation view" displays the messages correctly.

Device Platform: Android
Product / Application: Good Work
Category: Improvement


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