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BlackBerry UEM - Apply device policies based on "Tags"

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Ability to apply a different set of device policies to multiple devices owned/operated by the same user. For instance:

  Applying different password policies per device:

- User 1 iPad 1 - No password required

- User 1 iPad 2 - 8 char password, complex password

- User 1 iPad 3 - 4 char password, Touch ID enabled

  Applying different Wi-Fi passwords depending on how the iPad is used:

- User 2 iPad 1 - Wi-Fi profile "Corporate Wi-Fi 1"

- User 2 iPad 2 - Wi-Fi profile "Guest Wi-Fi 2"

- User 2 iPad 3 - Wi-Fi profile "Secure Wi-Fi"


Current Limitation:

Different devices may receive different device policies only if they can be separated into completely different "device groups". Customised policies are then applied to these device groups. However the criteria used to automatically define the members of a device group are limited - that is if a user had three Apple iPads - same model, same OS version, same carrier, same ownership, etc - they would always end up in the same device group and would always receive the same policies. There is no way to manually add a device to a group, or further segregate membership based on other device details.


Proposal 1:

Ability to apply "tags" to devices. When a device is activated, the activation profile can be configured with tags. Those tags can later be used as "device group" criteria/parameters. A device would fall into separate groups based on the tags we define on that group. We can then apply different policies to those device groups. Device tags could be added and removed as needed,

Proposal 2:

Ability to manually add devices into a device group with the same effect as Proposal 1.


Applies to:

BlackBerry UEM

All devices (iOS, Android, Windows, etc)




BlackBerry UEM - Policies - Device Groups and Policies

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