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Enhancements in BlackBerry Work, Calendar View

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  • In general it is desired that more text information can be displayed in any of the calendar views. In many case a lot of white space is displayed (empty pixels) which could contain information
  • A full day cannot be displayed in the Day view. At maximum 6 hours can be displayed. It would help if the amount of hours displayed for a day can be adjusted, like in the Week view. However by default a display of 8 hours of the day is desired. In any when switching back from another view, it should show the previously showed amount of hours.
  • The Week view can be adjusted regarding the amount of hours displayed. By default it should show 8hrs. It should also switch back to the previously showed amount of hours, when switching from a Month or Day view
  • It is required that in the month view the appointments will be displayed with text.
  • It is desired to have a possibility to adjust the font size such that any view can be made readable according preference.


Device Platform: Android
Product / Application: Good Work
Category: Improvement


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