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Error compiling webworks application with feature id=blackberry.app.event

ptterb Newbie

Hi Everyone,


I have a relatively simple webworks app I'm working on and I decided to try adding a menu on swipeDown using the guide here:


Sample Code - Swipe down menu for BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS


It doesn't mention it in the article, but looking at the sample app, you need to add the feature line to the config.xml:


  <feature id="blackberry.app.event" version=""/>


When I add it, compiling fails. I get "Error: Can not resolve a multiname reference unambiguously. JSON ...". It apparently finds JSON in both the SDK/frameworks/libs/air/airglobal.swc and in JSON.as in a temp folder created when I compile. I tried renaming one file, then the other, didn't help. Anyone see this issue or have any ideas? using SDK, AIR SDK 3 (and i changed the line to 2.7) If I remove that feature, the app compiles just fine.


Thanks for the help