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Problem in adding attachment pragmatically and invoking email application

rrr_04 Novice

I am trying to invoke email application pragmatically, adding an PDF attachment.

I have used the BB knowledge base article, "How to create an attachment" as the reference.

Now when I run the application, I get an error message saying "Email service does not support these types of attachments. Change the send using fields or remove the attachments".

On clicking the OK button on the above dialog, the messaging client is visible with the file attached, but there is no send option in the menu. I am able to view the attachment but not send it. When the attachment is removed through the menu, the send option is visible again.

I am developing on Eclipse with the Blackberry 4.6 and 4.7  plugin.
Can anyone help me out on this, this is problem only happen is simulator or it may be come in real device??
I do not have real device to test.

Thanks in advance.