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Loading COD File

suman_007 Newbie

Hi there,

                   i am facing problem in loading COD file(1.09 KB)  programatically .i followed

            the link below to achieve this


         COD installed via CodeModuleManager has "verification errors"


        when ever i tried this in my simulator the  installed COD module have some additional information

  mentioning  Policy Restriction and there by i cant able to access that module but when  i tried reset/reboot the Simulator this informations removed in that COD module and i can access the class files resides inside that module.i am sure no IT policy set in my simulator and i dont know how it working . i have attached the ScreenShots someone

please go through it and help me please...













  • Re: Loading COD File
    suman_007 Newbie


            i think this issue iam facing is more common..i just using following straight forward code



    //Create the new cod file.
    moduleHandles[count] = CodeModuleManager.createNewModule(codData.length, codData, codData.length);
    //Save the module
    int result = CodeModuleManager.saveNewModule(moduleHandles[count], true); 
    //Ensure that the cod file was saved.
    if (result != CodeModuleManager.CMM_OK && result != CodeModuleManager.CMM_OK_MODULE_OVERWRITTEN){
    //The cod file was not saved.
    throw new Exception("Failed to save cod.");
    //Add the CodeModule to the CodeModuleGroup. 

       Someone there please help me out from this issue..



    Thanks & Regards,