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HTML5/WebDB app freezes and has issues in OS2

d_source Novice

I did a lot of testing before OS2 launched and it worked fine in all my tests. Only the bevel swipe down had some issues, but they are worse now with the launched version of OS2.


Here's a list:


-Copy/paste is sporadic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Copy/paste is just an allow tage added to the config file, so obviously this is an OS problem, not something that can possibly be caused by code in the app.


-Swipe down: Simply doesn’t work. See my other post: Swipe down menu on OS2 not working properly


-App freezes for no reason. It can freeze on a simple page with very little code or a page with much code or when just pressing a button. The app uses WebDB. Is OS2 not WebDB friendly?


Still testing as I’m sure other issues will arise. I am not using any external libraries or google maps or anything that can upset this delicate system.


Is there a way to send a message to the QNX/RIM developers to fix the errors and go back to the well written OS1? I assume I am going to get a lot of angry emails and bad reviews now and I haven’t a clue what to tell people how things can be fixed.