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Has anyone tried to convert the OkHttp library to use the Good/BlackBerry dynamics framework?

david.fekke Newbie

I have a framework that I am using on Android that is not using the Good framework for making http calls. This framework is called the OkHttp library from Square. It is open source, so I can modify.


GitHub - Swyft/okhttp: An HTTP+HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications.


My first question is has anyone tried to convert this library yet to use BlackBerry dynamics. After a quick glance at the code it is using the java.net.Socket class, and not the HttpClient. I think we can replace the java.net.Socket class with the GDSocket class.


My next question has to do with the library and dependences. OkHttp is using the Maven build system along with some specific maven plugins for templating some of the code. Is there a way to include a reference to the GD framework, or should I convert it into a Gradle module, and include it into my Android Studio project.