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Introducing the BlackBerry Web Services for Enterprise Administrators

gbeukeboom Master

Hi everyone,


I am excited to let you all know about a new web services interface that has been introduced with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) version 5.0.3, the BlackBerry Web Services for Enterprise Administrators (BWS). This interface offers similar functionality to the BlackBerry Administration APIs (BAA) (making administration calls to the BlackBerry Administration Service console) but has many advantages, including being much simpler to develop. 


Anyone that has existing applications developed in Java or C# should find them very easy to port over to the new interfaces if desired. There is no immediate need to port your applications over, both BWS and BAA exist in harmony with BES 5.0.3, but BWS will be the supported platform moving forward for these tasks.


For more information on BWS, including full documentation and more details on why it will be the way to develop moving forward, here is some documentation and articles that have been written to date (expect more to come shortly!):

BlackBerry Web Services for Enterprise Administration Developer Documentation

API Reference

Getting Started with BlackBerry Web Services for Enterprise Administration (includes basic sample applications)


The API reference, as with BAA, contains a Java code sample for every supported call. There are 2 interfaces that contain all supported calls, BWS and BWSUtil.


Feel free to post any questions and comments you have and I will be happy to address them.


Cheers and happy coding,